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Vandag wil ek eintlik buite wees

Ek wil die voëls hoor sing

En die wind teen my vel voel vroetel

Ek wil vars lug ruik

En goggas sien loop

Ek wil ‘n blom se kleur bewonder

En met my hond ‘n stoeigeveg hou

Al wat ek sien is my rekenaar



Why would I

Posted: October 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

Defend myself
Why would I
Explain myself
Why should I
You have assumed
You have concluded
You have decided
Give you a second chance
Why would I
Why should I


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a thousand words in my head
a thousand pains in my heart
assumptions and accusations
judgement on half the facts
all in the name of self-righteousness

unfair trial
false witness
no chance to state my case
all in the name of self-righteousness

status and title
the right to be right
the right to an opinion
the right to a tantrum
all in the name of self-righteousness

i pity you
oh ye of many words
you won the fight
i won the war
all in the name of self-control



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They were beautifully wrapped like chocolates
With colourful, shiny papers
I looked forward to each bite of sweet indulgence

But it was bitterness, carefully concealed
Sharpened blades, that’s what they were
Meant to tear my soul apart

Emotional pain, manifesting in my chest
Hurting, gasping for air
Bleeding, bleeding

No self-defence
No explanation
Just the other cheek

Go ye and do better…

Sound of Silence

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What does silence sound like
Does it even have a sound
Or is it the absence of sound

Oh how I long for silence
Just silence, no sound
Maybe then I’ll hear Him call my name

The scream

Posted: August 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s leaving my body in a constant stream

Life giving blood, feelings, emotions

Inside my heart an agonising scream

A body jerking in spasms and convulsions

On the outside



My World

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What does your world look like

Is it all black and white

Are the lines straight and precise

The landscape as cold as ice

In my world are fields of gray

Under rainbows of colour

A soft gentle rain

Puttering my name

I can’t show it to you

You’ll get lost in the warmth